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So-far, the one that is most effective appears to be tracking the raw smart-data documented by each push. Among the CLEVER qualities counts the number of industries which were reallocated in the extra spot to replace thumb that is outdated from your person-available storage. The segment count is just a death toll of types, and it allows US to emphasize TLC NANDis more minimal strength fairly neatly. The next graph shows the number of reallocated sectors for every push on the span of the research so far. Its reallocated areas were described by the 840 Series after 100TB of writes, and it is been using through thumb continuously ever since. After 500TB of writes, the 840 Sequence is as much as 1722 reallocated groups. Meanwhile, one other SSDs have only a handful of flash problems between them. And two of the Neutron GTX the devices and also the HyperX 3K being tested with unstable data, haven't signed a single reallocated field. Samsung wont validate the 840 Series' sectors' size, but we're confident it really is 1. Meaning the push has dropped 2.5GB of its complete flash volume currently.

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